The Gender Recognition Act (California Senate Bill 179) officially went into effect January 1, 2019. The bill streamlines the process for Californians to apply to change their gender markers, and creates a nonbinary gender category (the letter “x,” "n," or "nb") on California birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, identity cards, and gender-change court orders. This law provides an opportunity for our campus to update language and policies to be more inclusive of transgender, intersex, and nonbinary members of the UCSB community.
To comply with this policy, UCSB’s GRLN Steering Committee is committed to:

  1. Reviewing campus data systems, report templates, surveys/assessments, and policy language
  2. Implementing inclusive changes to systems, policies and customer service practices
  3. Recommending training and resources to ensure appropriate implementation.

Reporting Non-Compliance

A ServiceNow portal has been created for members of our campus to report issues of GRLN policy non-compliance after the policy compliance deadline. Tickets can be submitted to notify the campus that name data is not correctly displayed in IT systems, on university-issued documents, or on forms collecting name/gender data.

Resources and FAQs

Gender Recognition & Lived Name: An introduction to gender awareness is an e-course available in the UC Learning Center that supports the overall implementation efforts of the Presidential Policy on Gender Recognition and Lived Name. The course introduces users to terms and concepts related to gender and nonbinary identities, as well as best practices for name, pronoun, and title usage.

Webinars and Recordings

All-Campus Webinar

IT/Technical Webinar

HR/Business/Admin Webinar

Faculty Webinar

Contact Information

For more information, please contact GRLN Project Managers at