The University of California at Santa Barbara is committed to promoting excellence through diversity and inclusiveness. The campus community, in keeping with the academic mission of the University of California to educate its residents, strives to create an environment that is welcoming for all sectors of our state's diverse population and that is conducive to the development of each individual's highest potential. In addition, our campus upholds the principle of equal opportunity for all since equal opportunity fosters the best conditions possible for the enhancement of research, creativity, innovation, and excellence.

UCSB adheres to the University of California Diversity statement which underscores the importance of educating our diverse population.

Thriving in the Academy Initiative

Welcome back to UCSB!! We embrace all members of our richly diverse community. To that end, the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion is pleased to launch our Thriving in the Academy Initiative.

The Thriving in the Academy Initiative embraces the core principles of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion that guide our vision and, more importantly, our actions. These principles serve as pillars for community building and guide how we at UC Santa Barbara build our teams, cultivate our leaders, and create our organizational culture. 

These principles foster an environment where each member is truly empowered to bring their unique differences, points of view, and contributions to the University; where you will experience acceptance, respect, inclusion and the support needed to achieve your full academic and professional potential. We create a space where no one feels the need to edit their identity, much less render it invisible completely. 

This vision is in keeping with that of the University of California mission. The system’s mission is that “Diversity should be integral (my emphasis) to the University’s achievement of excellence.” To do so, we embrace this historic promise “to recognize and nurture merit, talent, and achievement by supporting diversity and equal opportunity in [our] education, services, and administration, as well as research and creative activity.” We must hold ourselves accountable! To that end, our mission includes strengthening historically underrepresented communities both on campus and beyond. With diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice at the forefront of the University of California’s core values, we strive to promote a culture that celebrates these principles and fosters a sense of belonging for ALL members of the UCSB community.

To read the full statement and for more details on the Thriving in the Academy Initiative, click here.

Best Hispanic-serving institution: University of California Santa Barbara

Source: Newsweek - Best Colleges in America for 50 Different Rankings
November 22, 2020

  • Location: Santa Barbara, CA

  • Undergraduate enrollment: 22,601

  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 22:1

  • Acceptance rate: 32%

  • Graduation rate: 82%

  • Six-year median earnings: $55,300

  • Two-year employment rate: 91%

UC Santa Barbara is a dream school for many because of its proximity to some of the finest beaches in Southern California and in the country, but it's also a school with a long record of striving for diversity — in fact, the entire UC network can say the same. Like SoCal itself, UC Santa Barbara is home to a prominent Hispanic community spread across the faculty, staff, and student body. In 2015 it became the fourth UC campus and the first member of the American Association of Universities to be named a Hispanic-Serving Institution.

The DEI Office wishes to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this place and all land upon which the University is located, and pay our respects to the Chumash Elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, the traditions, and the culture of this area.