To support you on your journey to becoming anti-racist.


1619 Project from The New York Times
Anti-Racist Resources from Greater Good
Anti-Racism Resource Guide by Tasha K (shareable)
Transformation in the U.S. Higher Education System: Implications for Racial Equity by Dr. Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux (2020) (a commissioned paper prepared for the public Symposium on Imagining the Future of Undergraduate Stem Education)
What Is Juneteenth? by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. from PBS
Anti-Asian Racism and Exclusion in Higher Education by Rose Ann E. Gutierrez, Annie Le, and Robert T. Teranishi from The Institute for Immigration, Globalization, and Education at UCLA


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UC Managing Implicit Bias (series) - University of California
Implicit Bias (video series) – UCLA
Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes what We See, Think, and Do (video - the 2019 Henry and Bryna David lecture given in Washington, DC by Dr. Jennifer L. Eberhardt, a social psychologist at Stanford University)
Native American Cultures -
Native Americans – American Experience (5-part series) –
Native America – North & South America (4-part series) –
The African Americans – Many Rivers to Cross -
The History of White People in America -
1619 (podcast) - The New York Times
13th (documentary exposing racial inequality within the criminal justice system) - YouTube
Amend: The Fight for America Netflix (subscription required)
I Am Not Your Negro (documentary envisioning the book James Baldwin was never able to finish) - YouTube
Latino Americans (6 hour documentary/500 years of history) -
Asian Americans (5 Episoles/150 years of immigration, racial politics, and cultural innovation) Amazon Prime purchase or subscription required
John Lewis: Good Trouble (intimate account of legendary U.S. Representative John Lewis’ life, legacy and more than 60 years of extraordinary activism — from the bold teenager on the front lines of the Civil Rights movement to the legislative powerhouse he was throughout his career)
The Black Panther. Vanguard of the Revolution -
Eyes on the Prize (preeminent documentary series on the Civil Rights Movement. Narrated by political and civil rights leader Julian Bond, this six-part, 14-hour series covers all of the major, transformative events from 1954 to 1985, including the Montgomery bus boycott in 1954, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the birth of the Black Power Movement, and the courageous acts of the crusaders that contributed along the way.) -
When They See Us (miniseries from Ava DuVernay about the Central Park Five) - Netflix (subscription required)
Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise (5 decades of African American history since the major civil rights victories) -
Driving While Black: Race, Space & Mobility in America -