On May 10, current UCSB students (ages 18+), staff, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty received a personalized email invitation to participate in the Campus Climate Survey. Results from the survey will inform a forthcoming campus Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategic action plan to enhance an inclusive environment for learning, living, and working at UCSB.

Personalized email invitations were sent May 10 from gauchosurveys@bap.ucsb.edu with the subject line “Campus Climate Survey: Here is your personalized link.” If you do not see the invite in your inbox, please check your spam or promotions folder. If you did not receive a personal link, or cannot find the email with your personal link, please contact gauchosurveys@bap.ucsb.edu. Student surveys are available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Staff surveys are available in English and Spanish. All surveys are mobile-friendly and comply with accessibility standards. If you are in the campus area and need access to a computer, you may reserve a seat at one of the Library’s computer stations by visiting https://libcal.library.ucsb.edu/reserve/Library.

The Campus Climate Survey ends May 31. Make your voice count!

Procedures, Privacy, and Data Use

The following information is shared at the beginning of each survey:

Key Information

  • You are being invited to participate in our research study. Participation in this research is completely voluntary and will have no bearing on your grades, status or employment.
  • The purpose of the study is to survey the UC Santa Barbara campus in order to learn more about the attitudes and behaviors of people in our community.
  • The study will take up to one hour and you will be asked to read the consent form then answer a survey.
  • Some questions may make you uncomfortable. You may skip any questions that you do not wish to answer. A risk of participating in this study is a breach of confidentiality.
  • There are no direct benefits to you for participating. The results from this  study will be used to help inform future campus initiatives and policies.

Introduction and Purpose

Dear UC Santa Barbara community member,

You are hereby warmly invited to participate in the UCSB Campus Climate Survey, which is a survey of students, faculty, post-docs, staff and administrators on the topic of climate at UC Santa Barbara. In this Survey, the term 'Climate’ refers to behaviors and attitudes within a workplace or learning environment, ranging from subtle to cumulative to dramatic, that can influence whether an individual feels personally safe, listened to, valued, and treated fairly and with respect. A truly healthy campus climate is one in which all members of our community are respected and included. The results of this survey of the current campus climate will inform the forthcoming campus strategic action plan to improve the environment for learning, living, and working at UC Santa Barbara.


Your participation in the UCSB Campus Climate Survey is voluntary and confidential. This is a confidential online survey administered through Qualtrics. While absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, we will handle the study data as confidentially as possible. The respondents will be notified via email and provided with a personal link. If you choose to take the Survey, please answer the questions as openly and honestly as possible. It is okay to skip questions. The survey will take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Some questions will allow you to enter open-ended comments. These comments will be separated from the rest of your answers so that they won’t be correlated with any information we collect from you. These comments will be grouped with those submitted by others; themes extracted from these comments will be included as an appendix to the survey report. Anonymous quotes from submitted comments may also be used in the report to give “voice” to the quantitative data. We may use or share your research information for future research studies. If we share your information with other researchers it will be de-identified, which means that it will not contain your name or other information that can directly identify you. This research may be similar to this study or completely different. Those who participate in the UCSB Campus Climate Survey will be invited to enter into a drawing for a prize. If you’d like to enter, you can do so on the Thank you Page at the end of the survey.


There is no direct benefit to you personally from participating in the UCSB Campus Climate Survey. We hope that the survey will benefit the community generally, by producing information that will inform efforts to improve the campus climate.


We do not anticipate that participating in the UCSB Campus Climate Survey will present risks beyond those experienced in everyday life. Some of the questions are personal and might cause discomfort. In the event that any questions asked are disturbing, you may skip any questions, or simply stop responding to the survey at any time. It is also possible to take a break from the survey and resume it later.

If you experience discomfort while taking the UCSB Campus Climate Survey, free and confidential support and resources are available to you at any time. For 24/7 urgent support you can call The Care Line, 1-888-868-1649 or 1-805-893-4613. There are also resources on campus to provide you with counseling and other services:

Privacy and Data Usage

UC Santa Barbara requires raw data to conduct analysis for administrative purposes beyond high-level summary of trends and frequent themes in reports. Data from the UCSB Campus Climate Survey will be held by UC Santa Barbara Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Data will be held indefinitely in an integrated data enterprise system. One reason for holding the data is to make it possible to carry out longitudinal studies. UC Santa Barbara plans to re-administer the UC Santa Barbara Campus Climate Survey in two years. Progress and trends will be analyzed based on all available data. In order to ensure that data is held safely and used properly, the Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will designate and appoint a campus data coordinator, who will manage campus use of data for administrative purposes. The data coordinator will maintain data use restrictions, including measures to protect confidentiality, de-identification of data, and minimum cell size, as specified in the original scope of the project.

Data from the UC Santa Barbara Campus Climate Survey may be subject to California Public Records Act requests. However, FERPA and other privacy laws prevent the release of personally identifiable information. Even though no specific identifiers will be collected in the UC Santa Barbara Campus Climate Survey, the large number of demographic questions could make individual responses identifiable. For that reason, the raw data in its entirety could be withheld from a PRA request. While raw data for a specific indicator would likely be subject to disclosure upon request, any information that could be used to directly identify an individual would be redacted from the records to protect the privacy of individual survey respondents.


Participation in research is completely voluntary. You are free to decline to take part in the UC Santa Barbara Campus Climate Survey. You can skip any questions, and you are free to stop taking part in the Survey at any time. Whether or not you choose to participate, to answer any particular question, or continue participating in the project, there will be no penalty to you or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.


You will not be paid for taking part in the UC Santa Barbara Campus Climate Survey. However, if you complete the survey, you will be invited to be eligible for prize drawings. Participants who complete the survey are invited to be eligible for prize drawings. Participants are eligible for the prize drawings, even if they choose to skip questions. For example, if they skip questions, provide no responses to open ended questions, or skip questions that might be triggering, they are still eligible for all of the drawings. For any drawing, the odds of winning a prize depend on how many people are entered in the drawing. As we do not know how many people will participate in this study-related drawing, we cannot predict what will be the odds of winning a prize. The prize drawing will be one week after the close of the surveys. Prize winners will be notified via contact information provided by respondents at the end of the survey. Contact information for those who enter the prize drawing will be stored separately from survey responses to prevent identification and preserve anonymity. Participants who choose to enter the prize drawing can only win 1 prize. Possible prizes include:

  • 2 x $1,000 undergraduate scholarship
  • 2 x $1,000 graduate/professional student scholar stipend
  • 2 x $1,000 faculty/postdoctoral scholar research grants
  • 2 x $1,000 staff professional development grants
  • 30 x $75.00 Amazon cards for students/postdoctoral scholars
  • 15 x $75.00 Amazon cards for staff
  • 15 x $75.00 Amazon cards for faculty


If you have questions regarding the survey process or about your participation in the UC Santa Barbara Campus Climate Survey you can send them to:

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
(805) 893-2554

If you experience technical issues while completing the survey, please contact gauchosurveys@bap.ucsb.edu.

The UC Santa Barbara Campus Climate Survey is considered to be a research study. If you have any questions about your rights or treatment as a participant in this study, please contact the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Committee for Protection of Human Subjects at 805-893-3807 or 805-893-4290, or e-mail hsc@research.ucsb.edu or orahshelp@research.ucsb.edu.