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The Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at UCSB invites you to join us in our efforts to support “Excellence in Diversity/Diversity in Excellence” on our campus. Your contributions will serve to help fund our diversity educational goals for our students as well as diversity related research projects for our faculty. Our Office co-sponsors the annual campus Diversity Lecture Series featured in the fall, winter, and spring quarters. These lecture series are free and open to the campus community and the general public. We annually invite distinguished scholars who are experts in some aspect of the diversity field to present and share their research findings on our campus. We also co-sponsor diversity-oriented activities throughout the year with grants awarded to students, faculty, and staff. Any gift, large or small, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Other donation priorities to foster and support diversity, equality and inclusion at UCSB

    • Academic Diversity Issues
    • Chicana and Chicano Studies Department
    • Black Studies Department
    • Asian American Studies Department
    • Feminist Studies Department
    • Sociology Department
    • Global Studies Department
    • Religious Studies Department
    • East Asian Studies Department
    • Spanish and Portuguese Department